World’s MOST Daring Houses

World's MOST Daring Houses

Where do you live? Maybe in a nice, quaint little house with a white picket fence, or maybe in a high rise apartment in a big city. Either way, we can guarantee you your house is nothing like some of these on this list. And if it is, invite us over for a dinner and drinks!

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. Just a Vision

Upon first glance, this easily appears to be a superhero or evil villain’s’ secret lair. This house hasn’t been built yet- it’s the photoshopped architectural genius image of Visualizing’s Alex Hogrefe. He explains how he crafted the design through a series of nine steps. One of the most important aspects of getting the image to look so real was making sure the dark atmosphere had just the right amount of fog. He says of the task, “The key here is to be subtle. It’s easy to overdo it with the fog and clouds, but with this image, I just wanted to give the hint of some fog rolling in from the ocean”. He’s received much praise and enthusiasm in the comments section, with remarks from users like “Bra- freaking- vo!” and “The photoshop or composition skills are very good. You have a good eye. No doubt about that!”

2.Modscape Marvel

As much as we all love strange architecture and surprisingly giant mini coopers, the house depicted in this image might be just a pipe dream.Apart from not being able to afford it, we really can’t be sure it’s real at all. After all, there’s no way an eroding cliff could safely support a five story, all glass building. A more practical way of building is like this one, with strong support and a circular cement virtually designed this building and posted it on their blog, and we most certainly hope that it gets made. But only if it’s safe!

Thanks for staying until the end, we have one more daring home to show you! But first, here are just a few comments. We love our commenters, so keep them coming!

1.Those Who Live In Glass Houses

We think this “Lake House”, designed by architect Mark Dziewulski is daring because it is build onto a cliff and it’s south side is completely covered in glass. As pictured here, you can see stunning windows that reach all the way from the top to the bottom of the home, and we can’t imagine how much money is spent on Windex here. All of the exposed rooms make it look like a real life doll house. The eight thousand six hundred and ninety four square foot five story home is nestled right into the nature of Incline Village in Crystal Bay, Nevada. Homeowners and guests can enjoy gorgeous views of Nevada’s Lake Tahoe from literally every room in the house. Well, except the bathroom. As of 2014,the house was still unowned, but available for a measly forty three million dollars. Sheesh.

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