The ingenious hotel room card hack every traveller needs to know

Katyagar found her supermarket loyalty card was a good substitute for her keycard.


Katyagar found her supermarket loyalty card was a good substitute for her keycard.

The dark days of being unable to leave your hotel room without removing your key card from the slot and shutting off the electricity in the process are over – and it turns out they never needed to have existed at all. 

Londoner Katyagar Moonagon was staying at a hotel in Dublin, Ireland when she encountered a dilemma common to many travellers – leave the room and let her phone battery die or stay in the room until it had charged. 

But she soon discovered there is another option. 

“[I] wanted to charge my battery pack whilst I was eating dinner, but needed my keycard,” she said in a post on social media. 

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The solution, her photographic evidence showed, was to put another card in the slot – in this case her supermarket loyalty card. 

“I turned off all the lights manually, as not to be too wasteful, just needed to bump up the old battery pack for an hour or two,” The Sun quoted her saying. 

Her post has been liked more than 1000 times, with some describing the trick as a revelation.  

Fellow Londoner Suzanne Azzopardi said: “I’m 42 and didn’t know you could put any card in the bloody hotel light thingy.”

Apparently it’s news even to some hotel staff. 

Ronan Alex Dunne, from Limerick, Ireland, said: “I’m dumbfounded. I worked in five-star hotels and never came across that.” 

One commenter said almost any keycard-sized object will do – “business cards, rail tickets, a bit ripped out of a hotel magazine”.

Another said he had used a metal spoon.

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