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20 Richest And Most Famous Celebrity Animals

These 20 amazing animals are the wealthiest and most famous animals in the world from being the pet of Oprah or a cloned sheep!

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14. Socks the Cat
This lucky feline was adopted by the Clinton’s in 1991 and would go on to become the official White House pet for 6 years. His lucky days came to an abrupt end in 1997 when a Labrador Retriever named Buddy moved into the White House and displaced Socks as the official pet of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The two animals apparently hated each other and when the Clinton’s moved out of the White House they kept Buddy and gave Socks away to secretary Betty Currie.

13. Olivia Benson
Not only is this cat famous for being popstar Taylor Swift’s pet, but Olivia carries her own weight advertising for Diet Coke and Keds shoes.

12. Star Trek Pets
Majel, the wife of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, passed away in December of 2008, leaving million dollars to her beloved pets and million for lucky caretaker Reinelda Estupinian, who spent the last few years of Majel’s life taking care of the animals.

11. Kalu
This chimp was in line to become the richest chimp in the world until it was discovered that it’s owner, eccentric heiress Patricia O’Neill, had been swindled out of nearly all of her inheritance by a crooked advisor. Once valued at roughly 50 million dollars, her worth is now next to nothing, to the great disappointment of Kalu.

10. Tinkerbell Hilton
This chihuahua became a celebrity in the 2000’s thanks to being the pampered pet of reality star and hotel heiress Paris Hilton. Seen most often dangling out of one of Paris’s purses, the dog went missing after Hilton’s home was robbed in 2004, but was returned days later after Hilton offered a ,000 reward. Tinkerbell passed away in 2015 of old age.

9. Moose
This dog’s confused looks and comical head tilts as Eddie the Dog became a staple on the hit TV sitcom Frasier and blasted the pooch into celebrity status. After an amazing 7 year run on the show, Moose retired and was replaced on the show by his son, Enzo. This lovable dog passed away from old age in June of 2006. At the time of his death, his net worth was thought to be more than million.

8. Tommasino
Once a stray cat, Tommasino is now the beneficiary of a fortune estimated at million. Maria Assunta, the Italian daughter of a property tycoon, died childless in 2011, leaving her entire fortune to her rescued cat. Italian law stated that Tommasino could not inherit the fortune, so it was given to Assunta’s nurse Stefania instead. The nurse cares for Tommasino at an undisclosed location outside of Rome.

7. Pontiac
This golden retriever has the good fortune of being the pampered pet of actress and animal lover Betty White. She has set up a trust fund valued at almost million to provide for the dog and other pets when she dies.

6. Blackie
Blackie was featured in the Guinness Book of Records as being the world’s richest cat after the feline’s owner, antiques dealer Ben Rea left Blackie .5 million upon his death in 1988.

5. Grumpy Cat
Little did she know when she was born on April 4, 2012 but this cat, named Tardar Sauce would become an internet celebrity for her naturally grumpy facial expression. Not only does her Facebook page have over 8 million likes, but she has also been featured on the cover of New York Magazine and the front page of The Wall Street Journal. Her expression is the result of an underbite and feline dwarfism. While her exact fortune isn’t known, she is thought to have an estimated worth of at least million.

4. Oprah’s Pack of Dogs
Layla, Luke, Lauren, Sunny and Sadie are all apparently in line to receive a chunk of Oprah’s gigantic fortune in the event of her passing. Sadie, the cocker spaniel, is said to be personally in line for million.

3. Trouble
Leona Helmsley, a wealthy businesswoman with a personality that earned her the nickname the Queen of Mean, originally left her beloved dog Trouble 12 million dollars when she passed away in 2007, while leaving two of her grandchildren nothing. Courts ruled that this amount was excessive and the Maltese was left with million, more than enough to live a pampered life until he passed away in December of 2010.

2. Choupette
Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld is known for pampering his white Birman cat Choupette. The diva cat has two maids to tend to her every desire. Of course she is featured in photo shoots and advertisements, has nearly 50,000 Twitter followers and is estimated to be worth million, so she has done her part to earn her eccentric lifestyle.

1. Gunther IV
Gunther III inherited million when his owner, Countess Karlotta Libenstein of Germany died in 1991. When Gunther passed away his fortune was passed down to his son, Gunther IV. Thanks to wise investments by trustees of the estate, the German Shepherd’s fortune has ballooned to roughly 5 million, making him the wealthiest dog alive.
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