Psychic Predictions for 2013 (Celebrity,World & Love)

Many of my previous psychic predictions for 2013 have already come to pass, while others are still waiting to unfold!

When I made these predictions this time, I was a bit surprised by some of the things that were revealed to me. Actually, I was shocked by some of the things.

I will continue to release my more of these, but for now, here are my more of my psychic predictions for 2013

Here are some of the predictions that I am going to talk about:

– An assassination attempt on a President

– New medical discoveries concerning HIV and cancer

– Gay Marriage and what lies ahead

– Pope Francis and what we can expect from him

– What’s going to happen in real estate? Will it continue to be a sellers market?

– Kim and Kanye – will they stay together? Will their relationship last?

– Some shocking revelations about Johnny Depp

– Scientology and celebrities – Some revealing insider insights

– Plus many more!

I hope you enjoy watching my most recent 2013 psychic predictions, and please leave me your comments below if you enjoyed this video!

Also, if there is anything you would like me to make predictions about, please let me know, and I will try to include them in my next video!

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