Prince Harry rolling his eyes to fiancée Meghan Markle after Liam Payne's performance is everything

Usually it’s Kate Middleton, the unlikeliest of sources, who lets the facade slip for a brief second, whether it’s rolling her eyes at an overly instructive gift wrapper in New York City or dealing with Princess Anne at Ascot.

On Monday, it was Prince Harry, who led the charge of showing there is some normality underneath all the pomp and procedure that comes with official royal occasions. For Commonwealth Day celebrations at Westminster Abbey in London, Harry was seated next to fiancée Meghan Markle,and he was caught apparently rolling his eyes after Liam Payne performed for the crowd, at which she burst into laughter.

Not only does it provide candid insight into their seemingly relaxed and genuinely happy relationship, it’s also pretty much guaranteed that Payne won’t be performing at their wedding in May.

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