Phora Appearance: Hollywood Stampede Leaves Multiple Injured

Multiple people were injured in Hollywood after a stampede occurred at a Phora album release event.

Phora, a rapper, later tweeted that everyone was “good,” though multiple users immediately tweeted back at him that they were in the hospital.

According to Veronica Miracle, an ABC reporter who conducted a phone interview with Phora following the event, here’s what happened: “He was here [at the ShoePalace] for a meet and greet and went outside. That’s when fans tell me people mobbed him and started smashing into each other/girls were hyperventilating and passing out.”

Phora also took to Twitter to tweet, “Na na na everyone good I made sure someone passed out but she is okay now, her name is Alejandra and she says hi”

However, another fan replied immediately to Phora to challenge his claims, uploading a video of someone who was hurt at the event:

Another Twitter user wrote, “@PHORAONE your intentions were good i know thank you for giving us an opportunity to meet you But is there something you can do for the people who’ve been in line for 6-7 hours ? Everything escalated quickly and we were being pushed against the wall”

Video of the crowd leading up to the stampede shows just how congested it was:

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