OnePlus pulls another first with 6T's new gradient colour

The launch of OnePlus 6T marked several firsts for the Chinese smartphone maker – first phone to get carrier support in the U.S., first with an in-display fingerprint scanner, first without 3.5mm headphone jack and indeed the first phone with the highest price tag. But the story doesn’t seem to end there.

OnePlus launched the 6T in two colour options, Midnight Black and Mirror Black. Pretty basic. But marking yet another first for the company, OnePlus has unveiled a new colour option for all the 6T buyers out there in all-new gradient finish. As rumoured earlier, OnePlus 6T in Thunder Purple has arrived in its full glory, albeit in China.

We’ve seen many companies from Huawei and Oppo and Vivo attempt the gradient finish and do an excellent job at that. Huawei certainly takes the charm away with its Mate 20 Pro Twilight Blue, but OnePlus 6T in its new avatar challenges the likes of Huawei’s flagship to the T.

Going by the translation on the company’s official China website, the name for the new colour is Electro-optic Violet and it comes only in 8GB and 128GB configuration. It is surprising as OnePlus usually reserves limited edition colours to top-end variants, which in this case should have been the 256GB variant.

OnePlus 6T in all-new gradient finish
OnePlus 6T in all-new gradient finishOnePlus China

As for the pricing, OnePlus chooses to keep the cost of its Electro-optic Violet same as the Midnight and Mirror Black variants in the 8GB+128GB configuration. All OnePlus 6T models will go on sale in China on Tuesday, November 6, starting at ¥3,399 (roughly Rs. 35,900) for base model, ¥3,599 (roughly Rs. 38,000) for 8GB+128GB and ¥3,999 (roughly Rs. 42,200) for the 8GB+256GB variant.

The new violet colour in the 6T is currently exclusive to the Chinese market, but we can expect it to arrive in India sooner than later given the company’s focus and an overwhelming demand in the market. As far as the official renders go, the new gradient violet looks refreshing. In fact, it will easily make fans forget about the Silk White, which we’d hoped to see in the 6T.

OnePlus 6T’s premium glass sandwich design will complement the new colour perfectly. Additionally, we also see the gradient finish is extended towards the sides of the phone, something which is aesthetically pleasing. The new colour appears to have a rose gold touch, but we can’t say for sure until we see the handset for real.

OnePlus 6T in all-new gradient finish

OnePlus 6T in all-new gradient finishOnePlus China

OnePlus is where it is today by paying attention to detail and there’s no doubt the company hasn’t extended the same for its new Thunder Purple shade (which sounds way better than Electro-optic Violet). The phone’s rear panel can be seen with a white line that runs around the phone’s center in an “S” like shape, which also suggests the phone will have a matte finish like the Midnight Black.

After having reviewed the OnePlus 6T for what a wonderful device it is, we seriously can’t wait to see how the new shade looks like in real world. 

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