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Mosconi Cup scores

Team Europe 2 Team USA 3 (Play to start at 6.30pm)

Day Two – Wednesday

Jayson Shaw vs Shane van Boening

Niels Feijen & Alex Kazakis vs Skyler Woodward & Shane van Boening

Albin Ouschan vs Corey Deuel

Jayson Shaw & Eklent Kaci vs Billy Thorpe & Tyler Styer

Eklent Kaci vs Billy Thorpe


Day One – Tuesday

Team Europe 5-4 Team USA – all players to play – Europe win

Albin Ouschan & Jayson Shaw 5-1 Skyler Woodward & Billy Thorpe – Europe win

Niels Feijen 3-5 Tyler Styer – USA win

Eklent Kaci & Alex Kazakis 1-5 Shane van Boening & Corey Deuel – USA win

Jayson Shaw 0-5 Shane van Boening – USA WIN

Who is playing in the Mosconi Cup?

Team Europe

Marcus Chamat (captain), Eklent Kaci, Niels Fiejen, Alex Kazakis, Albin Ouschan, Jayson Shaw.

Team USA

Johan Ruijsink (coach), Jeremy Jones (vice-coach), Skyler Woodward, Shane van Boening, Billy Thorpe, Tyler Styer, Corey Deuel.

Mosconi Cup rules

– One ball on the spot.

– Hand racked in a wooden triangle.

– Cue ball anywhere behind the headstring.

– There is a 30 second shot clock in operation at all times with one 30 second extension per rack.

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