Celebrity MasterChef 2018: Spencer Matthews apologises after forgetting to plate dessert

Spencer, 29, was seen plating tuile on the dessert he had been tasked to make on which had already been put in front of food critics.

As he celebrated his achievements, the head chef suddenly realised the mistake and informed Spencer part of the dish was missing.

Not happy with missing the vital component off the plate, Spencer told the chef he was gong to take it out and serve it to the guests.

Sticking by his decision, the reality TV star got the bowl of tuile and headed to the dining table on the cooking competiiton.

“Hello. I’m terribly sorry, I’ve actually forgotten some tuile,” Spencer informed the food critics.

Justifying the missing component, Spencer went on to add: “It should’ve been delicately placed all over the place but no, instead it’s being served like this.”

“Is it supposed to look like that now?” one guest asked, with Spencer replying: “It is indeed.”

“That’s perfect,” Spencer tells the food critic as he inspects the presentation. “Much better job than I would’ve done.”

While they had the celebrity chef on hand, the guest questioned Spencer on another questionable part of the dish which was a liquid served in what seemed like a cocktail glass.

“No drink it,” Spencer informed the critics, after which the reality star apologised once again for his faux pas.

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