Bishop Malone not stepping down: "Resignation does not bring stability"

BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) – Bishop Richard Malone addressed the public at a news conference on Monday afternoon at the Infant of Prague Parish in Cheektowaga.

The Bishop began with a prayer for victims of abuse. 

Malone then addressed investigations into allegations of abuse, saying the investigations have taken longer than expected and “must be thorough.”

Malone said new investigators have been hired to look into abuse claims.

The leader of the Diocese of Buffalo said he will not step down. 

“A resignation does not bring stability,” Malone said. 

At the meeting, the diocese released a list of 36 priests accused of abuse. The list is in addition to the list of 42 priests that the diocese released in March. 

Attorney Lawlor Quinlan took the podium at the news conference. He said the Diocese eceived 191 abuse claims from June 2017-June 2018. These claims of abuse occurred before the year 2000, according to Quinlan. 

Quinlan also disputed a claim made by Fr. Bob Zilliox’s in a 60 Minutes report. He said the “8 or 9 accused priests still in parishes in Buffalo” comment is “totally not true.”



Quinlan claims while they may have not been officially removed from the priesthood, they were not active in a parish. 

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